Holy Smoke Parcel Small

Holy Smoke Parcel Small
Includes 20 units of Incense Sticks (5skus of your choice) x4 of each) + Display Stand x1


The RUHE range of incenses from Holy Smoke reflects some of the fundamental stories or expressions of ourselves. This range brings together 8 universal archetypes, innate themes that reflect our sense of self, designed to embrace, understand and celebrate you or another.

RUHE - A mirror to our inner-being, to deepen self- understanding.

The artwork is a gorgeous collaboration with Danielle Winter, a NZ artist and global citizen whose inspiration draws on a deep connection to the moon, a symbol universally associated with the inner emotional landscape. The evocative colourways intuitively capture the ephemeral realm of the sub-conscious, creating a visual link to the archetype represented


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