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Everyday Things - Daily rituals for self care

A NZ brand offering quality Bamboo Hairbrushes and Candles for everyday use. Designed for daily rituals and meaningful practices, these products help you to care for yourself and embrace a self-care mindset that results in a more cared-for you.


Hanami -Cosmetics with a conscience

Hanami is a certified vegan & cruelty free, (with CCF and PETA) Australian brand that supplies healthy polishes for healthy nails. Their product range includes breathable & water-permeable nail polishes (free from 10-chemicals), nail polish removers (Acetone & Acetate free), glass filers, nail polish collection, mascaras, blush and lipsticks.

  • Free from toxic chemicals
  • 100% Vegan and cruelty free
  • Australian Made & Owned


HotTea Mama - Wellness In Women

An award winning brand across health, tea, baby and maternity. HotTea Mama's certified organic blends are designed for wellness in women, with teas to support better periods, pregnancy, motherhood and menopause. Each blend is a hug in mug, specially created using tea science, to support you when you need it most.  So from gut health and hormonal balance, to breastfeeding and hot flushes - there's a tea that's got your back.

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Shield Up -Protect Yourself in Style


Experiencing a world-wide health pandemic has changed the way we live and function together, forever. Getting back to our social gathering ways will come, but it will look a little different. To get ready to travel, open up shop, entertain and socialise safely and with peace of mind, we now need to add protective wear to our daily essentials. Wearing face masks, especially in public areas, is a necessity. Shield Up brings you disposable masks that are functional and stylish.



At Helix Connections it is our endeavour to bring new products to New Zealand. We are looking for innovative natural health, beauty and lifestyle products. 

We are happy to have a chat with you regarding your distribution needs in New Zealand and how we can make your brand successful. Call or email, and we would be interested in hearing all about it.



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